How To Make Ambient Sadcake

by The Sandwitches

  • Vinyl LP

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TurnUp!001: The Sandwitches - How To Make Ambient Sadcake, LP

Track Listing:
01) Back To The Sea
02) Tarantula Arms
03) The Revisionist
04) Strangers Shadow
05) Fire
06) Relax at the Beach
07) Marry Me
08) No No
09) Wicked Inger
10) Crabman
11) Kiss Your Feet
12) Mr. Promotion
13) Thank You For Listening

"The Sandwitches came out of nowhere. Well…that’s not quite right of course…but sometimes it happens, when you get three DNA’s together doing their own tunes, you kind of forgot what they were up to before. Or at least that’s what happened when I first wrapped ears around the sounds contained herein. A Holy Communion of Roky Erickson and Stevie Nicks. A lyrical beauty too. Strings bobbing around like loose wires on the headstock, chiming and picking away and baking the ambient sadcake. Tomorrows beat, learned yesterday or some time ago in band from back when. More jazzed up than the Moe Tucker and “Be My Baby”. Boom and crash – loose/tight – on time and free. When the daylight pop appears, upbeat introductions keep you comfortable for a spell, but the hopeful sun has soon gone down and there are now more questions and apologies amid the darkness – and the headline reads “The Carter Family Goes Electric”. But there are no taunts of “Judas!” this time, only “Midas!” = yeah the one with the golden touch. Something cool and beautiful and true is happening here. The Sandwiches are bringing this vision to life. Imagine a 60’s Girl-group is on tour and their van breaks down near a gothic castle high on the hill, Dario Argento invites them in to perform a concert for his tweaked actors in a big dark red room inside and, if the dream is right, it’s the Sandwiches – they’d fit right in with those misfits and speak the same language. I’d like to be there to dance.

Close your eyes and you’ll see what I mean. These are fab, haunting tunes wrapped in tender weird pop. That’s what we got here. A heavy party you want to hang out at.”
--Kelley Stoltz


released September 22, 2014



Empty Cellar Distro San Francisco, California

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